About Us

Acharaya Prabha and Pt. PraveenPurohit jointly launched this astro site.

Acharaya Prabha has specialization in vedic astrology, medical astrology, numerology and lal kitab.

Pt. Praveen Purohit has expertise in Astrology and Graphology. Astrology:- (love affairs, personal matters) Graphology:- we analysis hand writing and sings to predict about nature , state of mind at the time of writing the script etc. Changing writing one can change his/her destiny. This is not only our profession but also our passion. We are actively working in this field for last 15 years. We provide immediate personalized answer to members individual questions based on Astrology, Graphology, Numerology, & Palmistry etc. We have astrologers with extensive contacts in the international Vedic Astrology community. We perform chanting of mantras, strotras etc by Vedic karm kaandi Pandits. We have specialization in Vastu & Fen-shui Vastu without demolising or alternation.

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